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Elegant and Practical

Maxine and Leigh Utton, Northcote

Powder-coated steel driveway gates provided the perfect finishing touch to exterior home improvements for one Northcote couple.

“It really makes the entrance to our property,” says Maxine Utton.

"The motorised gates are so convenient and practical, not having to get in and out of the car to open and shut them every time you go out is a real bonus so you actually use them properly."

Maxine, and husband Leigh, chose smartgates’ not just for the competitive price quoted, but for the special attention given to the features of their property.

“They came back to us with options, offered good advice and provided a detailed quote."

One important option offered was to open the gates outwards because the driveway is on a steep slope:

inward opening gates would be operating uphill and put strain on the motor. We were also impressed with the after sale service that SmartGates has provided.

When a minor problem was highlighted in a follow-up call after the gates were completed, the installer responded immediately and put it right.

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