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Hardworking Option

Daniel Chen, Greenlane

With several cars coming and going throughout the day at his busy Greenlane home, Daniel Chen needed driveway gates that not only provided excellent security, but were robust enough to operate smoothly for years on end.

smartgates designed, manufactured and installed a fence plus two large, automated sliding powdercoated metal gates, and provided an intercom and simple-to-use keypad. The result was an attractive, integrated streetfront that provided privacy, security and flexibility.

The gates give vehicles and visitors access to two driveways, one of which has a double car park. With the touch of a button, the gates can be opened to one of four pre-set widths, ranging from 1.2 metres to six metres.

“I am happy,” says Daniel. “It’s been six or seven months since the gates were installed and they still look very nice, are very quiet and have never broken down.”

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