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Unexpected bonus

Lloyd and Jane Pinder, Milford

It was smartgates’ attention to detail in the quote that made the company Lloyd and Jane Pinder’s choice when they decided to install automated driveway and pedestrian gates at their Milford home.

“A lot of hard work had gone into the quote so we knew exactly what we were getting,” says Jane. She was also given names of past customers who were happy to be contacted for a reference.

The timber gates were then custom-made for the couple’s home with attention to the space restriction and shape of the site.

“Geoff was so honest and helpful all the way through the job,” says Jane. “He was patient and happily answered all our questions.”

Making a safe play area for their children was Jane and Lloyd’s reason for gating their property, but an unexpected bonus was the extra usable outside space created by enclosing their home.

“It feels like our property has expanded,” says Jane. “The gates mean we can use our entire section, and the children have extra space to play.”

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